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Asset Management

Not only as a property manager for exclusive properties, but also as an investment manager, I have the firm conviction that success must come along with cost optimization when managing a property. In my time working at large banking houses I have learned that customer’s wishes, even if they are expressed explicitly and clearly, are not put into consideration adequately.

Hiring a financial advisor for a fee, who is not continuously depending on selling financial products, is fundamentally a sensible way to go. Fee-based consulting is not influenced by product interests and pressure to sell.

Nobody is able to foresee the income of investment because it depends on the market development.

Being sure to have a good consultant by your side you can place direct investments with shares saving costs considerably. Especially, when you put your trust in an experienced advisor who acts for a respectable investment manager. When the mixture of direct assets has been conducted worldwide and so-called “ Top values also called Blue Chips“ have been bought for the depot, you can absolutely reduce your risk for that type of investment. But a sensible and transparently priced asset-managing mandate can be the proper solution. I am glad to assist you in arranging such a mandate.

With an asset mandate investment decisions are left to the investment manager usually having departments of his own and bodies with experts. Furthermore, investment managers have often agreed on conditions for their clients, which they will hardly receive from their principal bank. Profit-sharing between client and advisor can also be an instrument of motivation for the investment manager.

Many holders of large properties miss a neutral “steersman“ for their property-related matters, therefore asset management and investment advise is a true alternative to mentioned scenarios. We listen, customize and find individual solutions for every client.

I will be glad to present my investment-building strategy to you in a personal meeting. You will certainly not regret it.