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Wealth Advice

Not only as a real estate manager for exclusive properties, but also as an investment advisor, I am firmly convinced that success in investing must go hand in hand with optimizing the costs of your assets.

In my decades of working for large banks, I have learned that customer wishes, even if they are expressed explicitly and unambiguously, are given far too little consideration.
No one can predict the return on an investment because it depends on how the market develops.

If the mix of direct investments is made worldwide and so-called “top values, also known as blue chips” are bought into the depot, you can definitely reduce your risk with this form of investment.

Another inflation-proof real asset alternative, in addition to real estate, is, for example, photographic art, which must be a cultural asset. 85% of the asset managers and 96% of the art market experts surveyed see art as an integral part of professional asset diversification.

I can explain the course of this investment and my very personal wealth accumulation strategy to you in a personal meeting.

You will certainly not regret it.